2015.06  Establishment of ‘Raphael Nanum Foundation

2014.12  Start of medical volunteer service
by the Mongolia-Raphael Volunteer Group

2014.05  Blessing Ceremony of Raphael Center

2014.04  Relocation of Raphael Center to Seongbuk-dong

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2013.11  Start of local surgeries for pediatric cardiac disease
patients in Mongolia
Kick off of Mongolia Continuing Professional
Development (CPD) Project

2012.12  Start of Raphael Fellowship Program invitation training programs
for medical staffs of Nepal

2012.06  Nepal Residential Environment Reform
Opening of Hyehwa Dental Clinic on Wednesdays

2012.05  Installation of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

2012.04  Start of treatments at Dongducheon Dental Clinic

2012.03  Start of Maternal and Child Health Education for
MultiCultural Families

2012.01  Start of The Philippines Enhanced Health Project

2011.12  Start of Laos Oral Health Care Program

2011.11  1st Medical Sharing Forum for multicultural families

2011.10  Expansion & and relocation of Dental Clinic

2010.11 Start of Nepal Medical Camp

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2009.09  Start of Mongolia-Korea Seminars in Nephrology

2009.05  Foundation of Mobile Clinic for multicultural families

2008.11  Appointment of actress Song, Yoon-Ah as public ambassador

2008.10  Start of Raphael Fellowship Program
invitation training programs for medical staffs of Mongolia

2008.04  Introduction of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system

2008.01  Start of invitation pediatric cardiac surgery for Mongolian children

2007.10  Foundation of Mongolia Medical Camp
Opening of Dongducheon Clinic

2007.05  Declaration of GRACE, Organization’s 10 year vision

2007.02  Establishment of ‘Raphael International’

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2005.02  Approval by Seoul Social Welfare Foundation

2003.01  Registration as a Seoul Catholic Diocese’s
Social Welfare Organization

1998.06  Relocation to the 4th floor Assembly Hall of Dongsung High School

1997.10  Naming of Raphael Clinic

1997.06  Relocation to Sungshin Hall of Catholic University
Sungshin Theological Campus

1997.04  First treatment at Baekdong Hall of
Hyehwa-dong Catholic Church

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