Throughout 2015, Raphael Clinic has continued to relentlessly pursue its goal to relieve the needs of medically underserved populations and to practice humanitarian efforts which transcend ethnic and national divides.

Project- an ability enhancement program for Mongolian doctors- has expanded its target audience to include medical personnel from Ulaanbaatar, professors at national medical universities, and even medical personnel from Darkhan. Raphael international has also opened a Medical Library with an electronic library system at the CHD (Center for Health Development) so that the healthcare providers at the central hospital and of the region may have regular and constant access to the medical knowledge.

Full-fledged support for Myanmar was initiated after Mongolia’s successful medical independence model; healthcare providers are continuously invited for Raphael Fellowship Program, and the future plan is to pass down the advanced medicinal knowledge in organ transplants, and to concentrate on the maternal health enhancement project with emphasis on prevention and treatment of women’s cancer.

In October, Raphael Clinic hosted the 1st “Raphael Mong-My Love Sharing Charity Bazaar” to secure medical funds for Mongolia and Myanmar and also to spread awareness of medical support activities for developing and economically depressed counties. This event received a lot of response from the public.

When Nepal was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.9, Raphael International sent immediate supports to Dhulikhel Hospital, our affiliated medical center, to initiate immediate surgery and treatments to save lives to the best of our abilities and efforts. Furthermore, we developed a continuum of medical support in the Philippines through the Student Oral Health Project and the Housing Environment Improvement Project, and continued to provide medical care and health education for the youth and locals of the Philippines.

Raphael Nanum Foundation was established prior to the 20th anniversary of Raphael Clinic and the 10th anniversary of Raphael International for the purpose of establishing a sustainable provision of medical support. Starting in 2015, Raphael Nanum Foundation has shared its medical support both domestically and internationally, its first step being supporting the costs of surgery for children with congenital heart diseases. Now, Raphael Center is transforming into a more substantial and abundant “nest of love and sharing” as Raphael Clinic, Raphael International, and Raphael Nanum Foundation carry on their own professional roles while collaborate closely.

Our deepest appreciation goes to our Raphael volunteers and supporters who have consistently walked this path with us throughout the times, and we promise to give our best of efforts to continue an even larger legacy of love and sharing. We ask for the continuous love and interest of our Raphael companions. Thank you,


President & CEO, Raphael Clinic
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Chairman, Raphael International
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Chairman, Raphael Nanum Foundation
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